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Consumer goods — tech hardware, furniture, appliances, etc. B2B software and services — primarily SaaS platforms with longer sales processes. And when it comes to choosing the rewards, we see pairing of clientele interests with reward choice. There are several common types of referral rewards — see the Common Types of Referral Rewards section. Direct Referral Program — Known commonly as a refer-a-friend program, a direct referral program is simple: a referral offer is stated to current customers that they will receive a reward if they make a successful referral.

A direct referral program the most straight forward way to encourage satisfied customers to make referrals to your business. Choosing the referral offer, the definition of success, and the referral reward are all part of setting up a direct referral program. Implied Referral Program — The goal of an implied referral program is the set up the referral by making it obvious that you are working successfully and satisfying your customers.

Online examples include blog partnerships, partner exchanges, and the recent rise of advocate marketing. The beauty of implied referral programs is that they let the work speak for itself and sets up the referral to happen naturally.

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Tangible Referral Program — A tangible referral program is about giving your customer, the referrer, and a prospect they know, the referee, an experience that will shed positive light on your company. One example is to send your best customers a gift card and suggest they share it with a friend or colleague. Other examples revolve around giving a friend or colleague a free sample of your product or service.

An Epic List of 75 Best Referral Programs for 2018

Like the implied referral program, the tangible referral program seeks to set up the referral with a positive experience instead of a display of work. Community Referral Program — The community referral program is about giving back. Partner with a community organization and work together to drive donations.

A common example is to give a percentage of sales over a certain amount of time to a specific community organization. Have that organization help spread the word about the community referral program both online and offline. Here are some additional resources with real examples of referral programs and the strategies behind them:. The Components of a Direct Referral Program.

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The most common type of program is a direct referral program — driving satisfied customers to refer friends and colleagues with the promise of a reward. Below are the necessary components to launching a successful direct referral program:. Referral Offer — The referral offer is the cornerstone of your referral program. Making your offer desirable and easy-to-understand is essential to driving customer participation.

Two main elements go into the offer: the rules and the reward. The criteria for reward — Make it very clear what must happen for a referral to be a success and a reward to be delivered. Other rules should include program dates and a limit on number of referrals or definition of success other than a purchase; such as completing an application, demo, or consultation.

The reward itself — Make it clear what the referrer and the referee will receive. Another option would be also giving the referee a gift card or perhaps a discount on the product.

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This could happen manually, using your CRM, using and app or plugin for your ecommerce site, or using a referral platform. The most common type of tracking happens via the use of a personal referral link or code. We have a list of many referral platforms in the Platforms and Apps for Referral Programs section.

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15 Examples of Referral Card Ideas and Quotes That Work

Having so many paid surveys available to you all the time let you live the kind of life you want. Show More. Whoever refers the most people from their network to enter wins the grand prize.

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Photo contests work by having entrants submit a photo and then share the contest with their network. That network votes on their friend's photo and whoever has the most votes wins. The strength of a photo contest are A that both the entrants and the voters provide their lead information and B The incentive for entrants to share the promotion with their network takes a lot of the burden off your marketing team. They do the work for you. Vote contests are very similar to photo contests, except that you provide the content and entrants vote on their favorite.

Coupons are even simpler than sweepstakes, and function in the exact same way as those pulled from an old fashioned newspaper. Your business incentivizes prospective customers to purchase from you with a discount or "Buy one get one free" offer. Once you've decided on the type of social media promotion you're going to run, the next step is deciding on the right prize. Before I dive into fifty promotion prize ideas, I'll take a moment to mention something incredibly important:.

Your promotion's prize should be directly related to your business. There's no point in generating a bunch of buzz or entries from people who aren't going to ever purchase from your business. Sure, your coffee shop could give away an iPad. Your auto repair business could offer a trip for two to Hawaii. And you'd get thousands of entrants. But none of them would be interested in a latte or winter tires.

The Art of the Ask: How to Ask for a Referral

They'd be interested in the iPad, and then leave - the beach of Kauai, and then you'd never see them again. There are five primary reasons to run a social promotion, and different types of promotion work for different objectives:. The same applies if you have more than fans but very low engagement. A sweepstakes is the fastest and easiest way to, legitimately, gain fans even without the Like Gate of Similarly for Instagram, if you don't have that many followers, start with an Instagram Hashtag contest and be sure you Follow-gate entry. If you're giving away a product, communicate the value of that product in more than just dollar signs.

Consider giving away a limited-edition product or offer only available for a limited-time. Consider making something specific to the promotion like a clothing item or menu item. Exclusivity value is the belief that something which has been limited has more value than something always accessible or of infinite supply. Tap into this psychological factor and see your promotion succeed.

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Try a gift card, gift certificate or product package multiple products increase the chance of your entrants wanting at least one of them. You need to ensure that the people who enter your promotion will actually be interested in buying from you down the line provided you have a strategy in place to entice them towards a final purchase once your promotion has finished. They might just share with their networks as well.

When it comes to getting the word out about your promotion, sharing more is never a bad idea. Ideally, keep your contest length between a week and a month - you want the hype to keep going from the start to the finish. Best practice is to include the dollar value of your prize if it has one as well as actionable text like "Enter to win" or "Enter for a chance at.

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