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50 Free Coupon Templates

Size: B Downloads: Filename: red-festive-design. Art Deco design and holiday colors with places for value and expiration date. Size: B Downloads: Filename: art-deco-theme-for-business. Simply elegant white etching on red background with tag-type coupon message. Size: B Downloads: Filename: red-decoration-landscape-design.

HOW TO make a "Tear Off" Coupon Booklet - TUTORIAL

Waving reindeer with space to print the gift that you entitle to the recipient. Simple, tasteful ribbon banner to list gift item. Size: B Downloads: Filename: happy-holidays-with-ribbon-banner. Snow theme in a Deco style has plain text box for coupon details. Size: B Downloads: Filename: snow-theme-holiday-sample. Laughing Santa points to a message to exchange something…hmm. Size: B Downloads: Filename: laughing-santa-design.

Free Gift Certificate Templates You Can Customize

Happy Santa greets recipient with a coupon good for all types of gifts. Photo quality artwork of presents that tell of percentage discount with a free offer. Graphic Christmas trees that informally present gift offering. Classic holiday greenery with a graceful script to announce certificate entitlement.

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Print & Design Templates

Coupon Redemption by Emporium Plus Manage coupon addition and coupon redemption functions with this versatile coupon module. Select Version: New Install Upgrade. Description Manage coupon addition and coupon redemption functions with this versatile coupon module. The module includes a real time coupon code generator which can produce unique coupon codes by embedding a coupon token in any store page and in emails which are capable of using the specific module token. It includes a coupon report in admin so you can review coupon usage history and evaluate marketing campaigns.

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In addition to the admin interface for adding one coupon at a time, you can import coupon details from a flat file for quick loading of coupon codes. For ease of use, it includes context sensitive help. License is for ONE mall. Within that single mall, it can be used in multiple stores without additional license. Coupon Redemption Module Features: Easy Entry of Coupons You can enter coupons one at a time, import multiple coupons from flat files, or auto-generate couponsfrom master template coupons.

Easy Lookup of Specific Coupons or Display Lists of Related Coupons You can quickly find a specific coupon by entering the first few letters of its code or the full coupon code. Also, there is a quick list for template generated sub-coupons. Their master coupon code will be displayed with a hyperlink. Clicking it will list all of the sub-coupons for that coupon template.

Deleting Coupons You can either remove coupons by selecting them in the list or purge expired coupons with a single click. Context Sensitive Help The ultimate user friendly module, it incorporates field by field help for admin inputs. Click the bold "context sensitive help" in this paragraph to see how it makes the user interface more intuitive. Make sure you are allowing popups. Redemption Options Instant Coupons - Redeem on the product screen.

Fixed or percentage off coupons can also be redeemed on this screen, particularly if you want to limit to one checkout coupon per order. Basket Coupons - These coupons can be redeemed on any page in the store. Most likely you will put the input on the basket screen.

Free Custom Coupon Maker | Adobe Spark

These coupons are fixed or percentage off coupons that are notdesignated as instant coupons. They are interchangeable with the checkout non-shipping related coupons. The difference is that the customer can redeem multiple basket coupons in a single order. Prompt Templates Are Customizable You can customize and style the coupon prompts for all three redemption options. Error Messages There are twelve error messages to notify the customer why an entered coupon cannot be used if it is not valid.

You can change the content of those messages to suit your needs. Limit Number Coupons Per Order You can limit the number of coupons which can be redeemed in a single order. Coupon Usage Reports You can display detailed statistics on the coupons used for any time period. The reports list the order number, date, coupon code, email address, value of the coupon, order total, summary count and totals. The utility reports can be further filtered to display only a specific coupon code or coupons with a specific string of characters within them.

This latter filter lets you track coupon usage in specific marketing campaigns or related to specific affiliates. You can also export the list of email addresses which used the coupons listed in the report and email that list to you. These are your loyal customers; contact these frequent shoppers and bring them back with more coupon deals. Hide from Price Groups You can hide the coupon prompts from all price groups or just some of the price groups.

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