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  1. Canadian online coupon startup Checkout 51 bought by News Corp unit
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Unlike Ibotta, Checkout 51 offers can be redeemed at any store. And yes, that includes your local grocery store than only has one location. This is a huge time saver. You can stack rebates with coupons, sales, and other rebates. Checkout 51 explicitly states you can use their apps cash back offers in tandem with coupons, sales, and even other rebates. The app and website are easy to use. Many apps out there are hard to use, not intuitive, and straight up frustrating.

Canadian online coupon startup Checkout 51 bought by News Corp unit

Not Checkout It makes the process quick, saving me time. The process of finding offers takes me less than 5 minutes a week and uploading a receipt less than 30 seconds. All in all, 5 minutes and 30 seconds a week to save even a few dollars is well worth it. There is a temptation to try new things. Right, but right if you can afford it.

How to Use Checkout 51

The idea of the app is to save money, not cost you money. Otherwise, you may end up with less money than before you started with. Not many non-branded rebates. For example, Ibotta often has rebates like cents back for any bananas. Not as many offers as Ibotta. Cash out only through check. However, for whatever reason, Checkout 51 only allows you to cash out via check as of writing this. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to get the check from the time your request your money, which is quiet a long wait.

No other rebate app is this much of a pain.

Also their "double dip prevention" is just getting creepy. Did you claim it in another app? Did you use a coupon? Did your store have the item on sale? Was there a discount involved?

Walmart haul using checkout 51 and IBOTTA MONEY MAKERS

It always knows!!! And even when you haven't done anything, it assume you have. Now I am adding to that review because this app is deceptive and has horrible customer service. I attempted uploading a receipt from an online order which the instructions clearly say is acceptable only to get my submission denied. I go into the app to see my check has been recalled. Seriously, do not waste your time on this piece or garbage! They stole my head-earned money! I did. No response. Sent them a message on Twitter, still no response. Just horrible. Minimal selection of coupons.

Used to be more of a variety. There used to be savings on generic items, but now its all brand name specific. Like others before me, the downfall of this grocery cashback program is they only offer a limited amount of rebates on a first come first serve basis and you could be shopping for something in the storm by the time you get home the Rebate is no longer available.

There are definitely a lot of other better choices but I still hold on to Checkout 51 because you just never now every site does offer different items. Downloaded this app shockingly without reading the reviews, should of just read them from the beginning and avoided it completely but anyway, I was kind of excited when I uploaded my first receipt, until just moments later I got a notification saying it was rejected or unable to process.

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When I tried to tap on it to see why it did not go through the app just kept closing on me completely and taking me to my home screen! Already deleted the app and will stick to coupons and sales in stores. This app has gone bye bye. They know that somewhere in past I bought a product, yet they still provide exact same offers every week and make that product available. This app does false advertising. I know 17 ppl already who have same issue.

I ended up returning items. There are better, more loyal apps like Ibotta and SavingStar.

Checkout 51 for Android - APK Download

I never had any issues for years. Useless app.

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Blocks offers that are duplicated in other apps big brother. Half of my offers are for stores not even in my state. Why does it big brother for content but not location? Another update: Do not be deceived by developer response: this app will BLOCK some duplicate offers for products offered in other apps!! No thank you! Update: Deleting this app; it not only tells you that some offers cannot be used with any other coupons or discounts but also actually makes offers completely unavailable that are duplicated in other apps! This is in no way a manufacturer decision; otherwise, the discounts would be merely reduced or not offered at all.

No thanks; too big brother for me. Neither a time-saver nor consumer-friendly. Took me over a year to get there because the products do not change often from week to week, or if they do it is products I literally have never heard of or use. Why you ask? Because it was an e-receipt Not gonna waste my time anymore with this app and going to check out no pun intended, hehe others.

However the number of offers that quickly become 0 remaining in the last few months has been on the rise. Today there are One would hope it would reset the next week but the rebates with 0 remaining could stay posted for weeks. It gets frustrating to plan to use a rebate to have it quickly disappear.

Please figure a different process out. I visited Bi Lo, Ingles, and then Publix I reached out to customer service and they refused to help and honor the rebate.