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Prezzo Vouchers for October | Offers | The Guardian

Map and Directions View Map. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. Sign Up. My cube mate drinks shakeology for lunch every day because its easier than fighting the small office kitchen hoarders that take the 30 minutes to heat all of their lunch and leave a trail of mess behind them. I like to eat really late lunches. Like, PM. Eating around noon means breaking up my best productivity time. To OP1 -I skip lunch about once every two weeks just due to being busy and preferring to be able to leave 15 or 20 minutes earlier.

And then I usually have dinner right when I get home. And there are lots of people who go far longer each day without eating intentionally such as in intermittent fasting where people only eat during a six- or eight-hour window each day. And at the same time, many people at my job think I skip lunch completely since I eat quickly when I do. I can understand why the OP is concerned, though. I am not hypoglycemic or anything like that, but if I skip lunch, I am not a happy person.

We ask, you share: What’s for lunch?

For that matter, always having to eat at my desk would also ensure that I was not a happy person. And there truly are places where that is the Done Thing. I think Alison might be underestimating how much of a problem this might be at some workplaces. Being able to take a real break, either to eat or to just get away from your desk, can be just as much of a quality of life thing as the ability most days to go home at a set time.

Some workplaces do have an unspoken work-through-lunch culture. Or at least appear to be working. He always says that if he could get all of his nutrients and calories from a pill, he would. I work out at lunch, and have a protein shake immediately after.

What’s for lunch?

I am the exact opposite of everyone on this thread — need to eat breakfast, lunch, and a substantial afternoon snack or else I am losing my mind. So I would finish eating by the time I got back to the office. This could be the case with your coworkers. I use the rest of the time to run errands or go off and read somewhere. Yes, I normally bring lunch from home, but it is fairly light, usually a sandwich and fruit, and only takes me 10 munutes max. In general, I only need about ten minutes to eat. What are its hours?

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I would not ask those in an interview. Questions in an interview are supposed to help you decide whether you want to take the job.

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Yeah—all of those questions would frighten me during an interview. It would be like spending an inordinate amount of time asking about holidays during an interview. It makes it sound like you care more about holidays or in this case, lunch than about the core responsibilities and functions of the job. These feel like conversations if someone is walking you from one interview to the next.

Because of my food issues, I would need an answer to this question before my first day: Is there a microwave where I can heat up my lunch? I have to bring my lunch because my combination of allergies and sensitive stomach make it difficult to eat in restaurants. Could I maybe challenge your thinking on this? I get that how and when these things are brought up in relation to one another could be indicative of priority level — eg: it would be concerning if a candidate asked 5 or 6 detailed questions right off the bat about lunch culture and then asked one or two generic questions about the actual role.

Choose your restaurant to view offers

Maybe they care about both! Spending one of those asking about lunch is going to look really off in terms of prioritization. How else would you suggest a candidate find out about something like this? I do get this in terms of prioritization. Candidates need to be careful not to appear to care more about lunch than responsibilities. I mostly take issue with the line of thinking that if a candidate asks about lunch then they do not care about responsibilities.

And I know you work at higher levels than I do. But I have had jobs where I was not given lunches or breaks for my shifts. I genuinely care about whether I will be permitted to eat. Same with PTO. That is weird and inappropriate. OP, I apologize for misreading your letter. Alison, I apologize for violating your rules.

Thank you for your kindness in calling me out. I regret my behavior. It sounds like someone who was maybe trying to diet or lose weight and self-conscious about eating, or eating where others could see her. Yeah, this is a little bit too much attention to what coworker is doing.

Not quite snooping, but over-observing? At least it was a three-hour shift, and because my food situation is good at home, I just ate there. Does asking about lunch because of a medical condition make it okay to ask about in an interview?


Perhaps when they get an offer? Definitely not during an interview. So yeah, the ultimate answer is to butt out. Some people eat 10 times a day and some people eat once. I also cant think of an appropriate way to ask in an interview but would not want to start a job with a company of the latter type if I could avoid it! That does make a big difference to your daily routine.

I once turned down a job offer partly cos they gave me 20minutes for lunch on the interview day and I spent 15 of that finding and queuing at their canteen. Not the best impression. That would be my concern as well. But it seems like in this particular situation being direction is probably a lose-lose.

Of course. Why would you think that even needed to be asked? What an odd person. How would you get at that? My spouse had that at her last job and I have had it too. Off topic, but: Love your user name! Love Night Vale! This is something I deal with at my current job.